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BAIC El Djazair displays its range and prices

While waiting for the start of the marketing of the BAIC brand in Algeria, the company presents its new range and its prices.

The Bejing range has competitive prices with its compact sedan starting at 2,699,000 DA and its SUVs starting at a price of 2,699,000 DA and going to 5,299,000 DA..

The BJ series offers Luxury SUVs with prices that follow the range, an entry price of 10,426,934 DA and at the top of the range the BJ80 at 19,602,854 DA.

New on the market, two 100% electric vehicles for one price for the compact EU5 Plus sedan at 6,990,000 DA and for the technological sedan equipped with the Advanced Driving Solution (ADS) at 12,000,000 DA.


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