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Henri Cachia: the little story with Porsche

1951, Algiers. Henri Cachia, a passionate young mechanic, sees a Porsche 356 Cabriolet arriving in his modest workshop. The racing car is in bad shape, its gearbox is totally out of order. Finding parts for this model in Algeria was then impossible. Henri therefore decides to pack his bags, heading for Germany, in order to stock up at the source.

Arrived in Stuttgart, it's a disappointment, the part is not available in stock. However, Ferdinand Porsche himself, conquered by the determination of the Frenchman, offered him to stay and do an internship in his workshops.

A few days later, Henri goes back to Algeria with his pieces, but above all with wonderful memories and an exclusive distribution contract for Algeria.

Henri CACHIA during a hill climb in Bouzaréah, Algeria, with a vehicle that he himself made with his brother Georges


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