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Importing vehicles under 3 years old: Tebboune revives the idea

After multiple twists and turns over the past 3 years, files relating to the importation of vehicles are once again being talked about.

Indeed, according to the press release made public by the presidency of the republic, during the exceptional council of ministers chaired by the president of the republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune this Sunday, October 9, decisions concerning the importation of vehicles less than 3 years old have been announced.

“Open the way for citizens to import cars, less than three years old, with their financial capabilities and their own needs, and not for commercial purposes. “Can we read on the press release.

In addition, foreign manufacturers will be allowed to import cars for resale in Algeria in parallel with intensive field monitoring of the process of setting up a real automotive industry in Algeria as soon as possible.

Finally, the specifications for car dealers will be tabled at the next Council of Ministers, so that they can be settled before the end of the current year.

However, it is not yet acquired, it will be necessary before the law is adopted, and to know how long it will still take!

We give you the customs clearance rates for cars here


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