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RENAULT 4L Coach Bertin 1969

"4 cylinders - 743 cm3 - 32 HP - 110 km/h.

This prototype was presented at the 1969 Salon by the inventor Jean Bertin, famous for his hovertrain. He transformed a 1965 4L into a "two-seater" that was easier to park in congested cities. Under the hood, everything is the same, we find the 743 cm3 and 32 horsepower (SAE) engine with its 3-speed gearbox.

Donated to the museum more than 20 years ago, it was restored thanks to a partnership with Renault Patrimoine and the Lycée Bugatti de Mulhouse-Illzach, whose students and teachers took charge of all the bodywork in 2010/2011.

Some articles from her at the time, it must be said that they didn't know what to expect from her.


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