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Renault: The new virtual museum

The history of Reanult dates back to 1898 when the brothers Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault created, from a De Dion-Bouton tricycle, a four-wheel “cart” fitted with a direct-drive gearbox (gearbox). speeds of which the third was in direct drive), then patented by Louis Renault on February 9, 1899. The Renault Frères Company was created.

It is the beginning of a long history which will continue to grow richer with time and events, as much as its history and intimately linked to that of industry and political and economic events. To publicize all these liabilities, Renault had a museum located in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris In a late 19th century mansion with five themed rooms and a shop, it traces the different aspects of Renault's history since 1898 in its various products and activities: automotive, but also aeronautics, rail, industrial, military and social. Unfortunately, this museum has been closed since 2016.

To fill this void and be and keep up with technical developments, Renault is officially launching its first virtual museum available online and completely free, The Originals. This virtual museum also hosts the new e-commerce site The Originals Store, allowing visitors to order derivative products that are already available for some at Atelier Renault on the Champs-Elysées. Both sites are accessible anywhere in the world and available in six languages ​​(French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian). They will soon be enriched with additional languages ​​in the coming months. The exploration is unlimited, very colorful, made up of archives, simple technical data, a visit adapted to the current times made as free and fun as it is fun. Twenty-one of the brand's legendary models take center stage through a new experience of innovative technology to be experienced using the photogrammetry process. This technique was selected by the brand to enhance the visitor's immersive experience. Renault has created a unique studio for this purpose so that cars can be scanned under good lighting conditions. The vehicles were fully 3D scanned. 50 new models will be available at the end of January 2022, and eventually, 80 will be on display by the end of December 2022. It is Razorfish France, the digital-native agency of the Publicis group, which supported Renault to conceptualize and design this Museum.

To visit this virtual museum, click on the link 🔗


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