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Temporary vehicle importation approvals: the number increases to 27

The Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun announced this Thursday, October 5, 2023 that his ministry has granted 24 new temporary import approvals for the importation of cars, bicycles, trucks, as well as agricultural vehicles. This number I add to the 3 approvals already issued.

Minister Aoun indicated that the amount allocated for the importation of cars is $2.6 billion that the 24 dealers having obtained a regulatory license will import 180,223 units.

Furthermore, Minister Aoun indicates that 40,000 vehicles of the “Fiat” brand will be imported by the end of the current year, which will be added to the 35,000 already imported (same brand), in addition to the import of 10,000 vehicles of the “JAC” brand before the year 2024. Furthermore, the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production stressed that his department “is working to lay the foundations of a real automobile industry in Algeria, and to develop this sector through concrete industrial projects", indicating that the "Fiat" factory project in Oran is recording "significant progress", the first vehicle due to leave the factory in December 2023. With the entry into production, locally, of vehicles of various brands in 2024, and the start of the activity of car dealerships, the market will experience an increase in terms of supply, which should help to alleviate the current pressure.


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