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The MG brand soon back in Algeria

The ex -English brand spent under Chinese pavilion was already represented in Algeria in the 2010s by Ahcène Khodja, this time will return with a new dealer who has other than Jalco, an entity already well known by the Algerians since she Since 1993, represents the Toyota brand in Algeria and belongs to the Abdul Latif Jameel group, which has deep roots in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

Former MG representation in Algiers - 2010

Jalco will therefore market the MG brand, which has a very competitive new range which is perfectly suited to the Algerian market with in particular the brand new MG3.

MG is already carrying out a very aggressive strategy in Europe with a range in petrol, hybrid and electric. MG Motor

For the moment we are talking only about marketing and not a factory project that is in Jalco's plan for another brand. We should see the new MG on our roads at the end of 2024.

Jalco is waiting in parallel its final approval for the Toyota brand.


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