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You will no longer see new gray FIATs

Historically Ford wanted Black, now FIAT is reversing the trend by no longer wanting a color that deems sad, GRAY!

FIAT leaders have announced the removal of the entire gray range from the catalog. The reason, FIAT wants to give a facelift, a breath of joy to the brand.

And yet gray is the best-selling color in Europe, 1 in 3 cars is grey. Moreover, the boss of Fiat, Olivier François, is the first to recognize it: “Grey is the favorite color of customers. Both for French, German and Japanese cars. And… mischievously, he adds: “But here, we are talking about Italy. Look: land of joy, optimism, love of passion, of life! So gray has no place. And we are going to change the rules. »

So, crossing the codes: stroke of genius or stroke of madness?


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