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The advertising spaces on the site are made on:  

- The welcome window of the site

C arré |  format: 336 x 280 px  |  file size: 35 KB

- At the head of the section  

Leaderboard  |  format: 728 x 90 px  |  file size: 25 KB

Space rental is done per week, starting on Fridays.

Realization of road tests and infomercials and advertising works

They do so in the format offered by COCKPIT and by COCKPIT at the request of the advertiser or COCKPIT.  

COCKPIT is a 360 ° consulting agency d6Marketing entity that can offer you a set of Marketing, Communication, Sales Force services.



COCKPIT is occasionally called upon to organize group outings for COCKPIT members as well as create automotive events that you can sponsor and / or participate in.

Event coverage, news publications. etc.

the COCKPIT team is at your disposal for you.  

For more information and for prices, contact:

Phone: 05 40 40 87 24 | 023 60 21 68     |   Email:  


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