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Besturn, or later Bestune is an automobile brand owned by the Chinese automobile manufacturer FAW Group.

With its production of vehicles based on older Mazda sedans, Besturn targets middle- and upper-middle-class Chinese consumers1. FAW, the owner of Besturn, also manufactures the Chinese market version of the car on which many Besturn products are based, the Mazda 6 and Besturn models were initially produced at FAW's Mazda factories.

Besturn began selling its vehicles in the Russian market in 2012 with the B50 as the first model sold, which debuted at the 2012 Moscow International Motor Show.



Dealer Contact
ALC Algeria (Auto Leader Company)

Sarl ALC is the official representative of the Chery brand in Algeria. Since 2020, the ALC team has entered into service in Algeria with the aim of ensuring the distribution and marketing of Chery vehicles as well as their after-sales service.

17 Etassadi tixaraine cooperative - Birkhadem, Algiers, 16029 

SERVICE CLIENT : 05 55 63 57 32 - 07 70 67 14 37

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