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Welcome to the 1st Algerian site of car culture

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COCKPIT is the  quintessential Automobile Addicts.

It brings together a community of car enthusiasts called Cockpistes.

This site is dedicated to them.  

By its spirit, this site speaks about automobile culture and its current events.

It is also a place of exchange and sharing, so,

Take a seat on Board. 

Accros of Cars

A Cockpiste,  What is that ?

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A COCKPIST is a member of the COCKPIT community.  

It is the fruit of the automotive passion which aims to nourish automotive life

through history, mechanics and the constructive spirit.
In short, a COCKPIST is the one who needs his dose of COCs… KPIT

prescribed to those who have an addiction to kerosene.

By participating in COCKPIT you too become a COCKPIST.

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