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A duo of Algerian craftsmen make a wooden car

Sometimes stories come true where you least expect them. This is the case of this magnificent work of art representing a wooden vehicle, created in the heights of Kabylia in Algeria, twenty kilometers from Tizi Ouzou, in the commune of Ath Zmenzer.

A work signed by two young local artisans: Bourbia Arezki and Heddaden Mouloud.

This original hand-built sculpture is made from pieces of beech wood which is a material often used in cabinetmaking due to its presence of ribbed lines on the surface and which gives it an elegant appearance. It is also easy to work with, however it is not very resistant in its raw state; only industrial transformation processes allow it to withstand use and bad weather, which means that good know-how is required for it. 'to use.

A work of art which demonstrates the know-how, not only of this duo of artisan artists, but of all the artisans of the region. An example and a source of pride that encourages young people to believe in their potential, and which we hope will lead to other achievements.

Recently in France, a craftsman made a Citroën 2CV out of oak wood, running but without a registration document, which will be sold at auction for the astronautic amount of 210,000 euros.


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