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Rafik Ferrag: talented Algerian automobile designer

His name may mean nothing to you, but this young Algerian has succeeded in creating a name in the very closed world of automotive designers. He was born in 1985 in Lille (France), and is originally from Azazga (Algeria), he graduated from the prestigious Design Creapole school in Paris (France).

Winner of "THE DESIGN CHALLENGE" in 2014 with his team who presented the Honda CARpet whose concept reinvents the interior of the cars of tomorrow. This is a futuristic interior designed for self-driving cars. An evolving space that adapts to the needs of passengers.

He made his debut at Citroën in 2010, then went to Honda as Exterior designer at the parent company in Tokyo, Japan (spotted thanks to his sketches presented on the Web and which were made for Citroën in the part of his study internship). At Honda, he works, among other things, on the design of the Honda Fit as well as on a new Honda mobility concept. He spent 5 years at Honda before being poached by the Chinese firm XPENG as Exterior Lead Designer, of which he still occupies the position. Its behind realization and design of the Xpeng P7, which is the first Chinese electric car that was presented Auto Shanghai 2019 (The Motor Show) and whose lines we let you admire.

Rafik Ferrag is not the only Algerian to have made a breakthrough in automotive design, since we can quote: Marwan Khiati in the very restricted list of automotive designers, who design for Škoda. We hope to see the list lengthened with other future Algerian talents.

You can see on this video Marwan Khiati explaining the design of the Škoda Kodiaq to us.


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