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Aseel Al Hamad, Saudi Arabia's first female pilot

Saudi driver Aseel Al-Hamad, an interior designer by trade, also works as the sports car section manager at Rose Auto Magazine, the leading women's automotive magazine in the Middle East.

She is the first woman affiliated with the Saudi Motorsport Federation, she is also a member of the Women in Motorsport Commission at the FIA, a commission chaired by French driver Michèle Mouton, who explains that "since Aseel is Commission member, things have moved quickly in Saudi Arabia. Now she will lead the way for Saudi women to have a career in motorsport. "

June 24, 2018 marked the abolition of one of the dumbest laws in the world: the ban on driving women in Saudi Arabia.

That day, Aseel Al-Hamad took control of the Renault E20, driven by Kimi Raikkonen in 2012 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and which he won, during the Renault Passion parade, on the Castellet circuit in margin of the French F1 GP. She then took the wheel of a Jaguar F-Type in partnership with this brand, to shoot a video in which she drives for the first time in her country and confides her emotion. partnership with Jaguar, this Saudi woman made a video in which she drives for the first time in her country and confides her emotion.

Since that day, she has become the icon of modern Saudi women and promotes the conduct of Saudi women.

She also became the first Saudi woman to import and own a Ferrari.

Cars had fascinated her from a young age, but it was impossible to learn to drive in Saudi Arabia. Supported by his family, Aseel Al-Hamad therefore took courses abroad, such as a Ferrari driving course in Italy, his first experience on the circuit. She then begins professional races and leads workshops all over the world.

Since then, Aseel Al-Hamad has been doing the first few times. First Saudi woman driver, first Saudi woman to import and own a Ferrari, first woman to join the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation ...

Aseel said, “I have always loved car toys. I have had the privilege of driving racing cars all over the world, but today this will be the first in my beloved country. Driving the Jaguar F1 today was so emotional that it is a very special moment. ”

Aseel Al Hamad hopes to create vocations among women passionate about cars and motorsport in general, a sport in which women are nonetheless represented in a minority across the world.


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