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Car hail protection tent

While the rainy season has barely started that we deplore heavy material damage and even human losses (but this point cannot be developed). We will talk to you about ways to effectively protect your car against the impacts of hail and in summer against the sun, even if these procedures are not answered here. However, you can order them on foreign websites and have them delivered to Algeria.

We present to you the protective tents against the impacts of hail on cars. A simple and efficient process at the same time. It unfolds and folds like an umbrella by operating with a remote control.

You still have to count a little over 300 euros for the tent. However, it remains money well placed in view of what you will save.


Alternative solution and just as effective with the advantage of being more discreet and above all less expensive; the tarpaulin specially designed against the impacts of hail, designed with padded and special materials, it costs 75 euros on average, the price is justified by its design different from a standard car cover.

If you are still not satisfied and are the quirky type, you can go for portable garage.

And if now you are not yet satisfied, the traditional D method remains:

The choice is yours.


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