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Portrait: Mohammed Lazouni, a life dedicated to road safety

Mohammed Lazouni was born on March 8, 1937 in Algiers, a specialist in road safety in Algeria, a national security official (DGSN), he continued his long career in the media to once again make his voice heard in road protection, he was thus the reference in Algeria in the matter and loved by all. He died in August 2020. However, he remains in the thoughts of everyone who knew him or simply listened to him. He leaves behind a beautiful legacy.

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Trained for road safety

He began his career at the National Security (DGSN) just after independence where he was sent to Germany in 1968 to follow various training courses in automotive technology called KFZ (Kraft Fahrzeug Technik), which translates into automotive techniques, and KFZO regulations as well as all motor vehicle and traffic regulations.

On his return to Algeria in 1969, he became a teacher at the Châteauneuf higher school. In 1970, he continued to teach at the Soumâa application school, in 1970, he took charge of everything related to road legislation and regulations. he was then appointed head of the traffic section for the training of motorcyclists and drivers of all categories, he performs the function of examiner of the administrative driving license.

His action within the national police

In 1982, he was appointed head of the Service des Expositions de l’Information et de la Promotion des Relations avec le Public (SEIPRP). He then criss-crosses the entire Algerian territory to organize and animate weeks of information, awareness and education. It also organizes open days and exhibitions on the role of the police.

It is the starting point with the media, where its actions consisted in particular in animation of the radiophonic emissions and the participation of the general direction of the national safety with the international fair of Algiers, where it proceeded with the popularization of the code of the road and automobile world and especially road education tracks for children.

He hosts the program "Tarik essalama" on Algerian radio Channel 1 in Arabic, a cult program as well as other programs on Channel 2 (in Amazigh) and Channel 3 (in French) and television programs, including "Chorti El Mokhti", "Tarik essalama", "Sir fi Aman", and "Siyarati" broadcast on Algerian Television.

He retired in 1993 with the rank of principal commissioner and in charge of the sub-directorate for prevention and road traffic.

Media man as teaching aids

Retirement does not mean inactivity for him, he continues to preach the good word to the microphones of radio and TV, especially at the level of the El Bahdja channel,

We let him say the last words (Allah yrahmou), listen to him: ''



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