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Tutorial | Fire restoration

Here is a tutorial on how to restore the transparency and radiance of the first day to lights that have lost their luster over time and the sun.

My headlights starting to have a veil, I decided to restore them.

There are several products on the market, my choice is fixed on the Meguiar's kit for maximum efficiency.

- Time to be allocated: 30 minutes per lighthouse, or 1 hour for both.

- Price: around 3.000DA

- The kit includes: 2 finishing discs for sanding (1000 and 300), 1 manual pad to fix the discs, 1 polishing pad, 1 microfiber cloth, 1 polishing product, 1 protective product.

- Steps :

1. Put paint tape all around the headlights to protect the paintwork of the products;

2. Clean the headlights with glass cleaner to remove all impurities;

3. Place the disc 1000 on the manual pad to polish with the coarse grain, wet and rub from right to left until having a uniform surface, then do the same with the disc 300 which has a fine grain;

4. Put a 1DA piece of polish on the polishing pad previously attached to a chignole, adjust to medium speed, and polish uniformly. Once finished, remove the excess with the microfiber cloth, then repeat the operation manually;

5. On a cotton cloth, apply the protective finish and wipe off the excess product with a clean microfiber.

And There you go :)


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