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When Kabylia was a pioneer in olive oil for motor vehicles

In 1930, the Great Depression took its toll on the world economy. Algeria was under the French colonial system and served as an attic.

Kabylia, rich in olive trees, supplied France and its markets with olive oils. Its olive stocks being important and the demand in sharp decline because of the crash of 1929, it was necessary to find a new use for this oil.

Thus, from 1930, French engineers and scientists began to develop a car engine that could run with olive oil instead of conventional mineral oil which was imported by France and which cost it. very expensive.

Citroën brand engines were the first to use it, and guaranteed normal use without oil change up to 12,000 km. A significant gain for the consumer and France. Several brands began to market olive oil for motor vehicles, the most popular of which '' Olivauto '' was produced by the Algerian Oil Mills in El Kseur. Other brands established in mainland France sourced from Algeria.

It should be noted that the olive oil used and identical to edible oil, so that in the review "L'illustration", of October 6, 1934, devoted to the motor show, Mr. Baudry de Saunier, automobile specialist of World reputation of the time, certifies that it is safe to pour into the crankcase of an engine, any olive oil easily found in the food trade.

The world economy having taken back its rights, more efficient cars demanded more efficient oil characteristics, especially in terms of temperature,

A story that shows us how Kabylia could have become Eldorado of automotive oils, but it also shows that with ideas and research we can relaunch a product. Being told that this story, has not come to an end, since countless benefits and uses are granted to olive oil and other uses are yet to come.


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