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2022 car sticker: sale from March 1 to 31

The legal period for payment of the car sticker for the year 2022, initially set from March 1 to 31, 2022.

These vignettes are available at the level of tax receipts and post offices, underlines the DGI, adding that “the prices of automobile vignettes for this year remain unchanged”.

The DGI and that of Algérie Poste have mobilized “all the necessary means so that the operation of the sale of automobile vignettes takes place in the best conditions”, underlines the document.

To avoid any inconvenience, the owners of the vehicles "are invited to fulfill this legal obligation, as soon as the operation is launched, without waiting for the approach of the end of the period indicated above", advises the DGI.

The management also drew the attention of vehicle owners to "the need to ensure, before their acquisition, the legal price of the vignettes applicable to their vehicles, and this, by referring to the table of prices", specifying that for utility vehicles, the price of vignettes is set according to the total laden weight (PRC).

In addition, the provisional circulation card (yellow card) takes the place of a registration card (grey card), emphasizing that the holders of these provisional cards must pay for the vignette within 30 days of the date of entry into service of the vehicle, on national territory.

The DGI also recalled that the sticker must be affixed to the windshield of the vehicle.

Vehicles with special registration belonging to the State and local authorities (municipalities/wilayas), vehicles whose owners benefit from diplomatic or consular privileges, ambulances, vehicles equipped with medical equipment, vehicles equipped with anti- -fire, equipped vehicles intended for the disabled, as well as vehicles equipped with LPG/C fuel (article 27 of the 2011 finance law) or natural gas, CNG fuel (article 11 of the 2016 finance law), are exempt from the vignette, recalls the DGI.

Vehicles not concerned by the car vignette are tractors and other agricultural machinery, vehicles with less than four wheels (motorcycles, mopeds), public works machinery and trailers.


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