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Algerian license plate standards (January 2023 update)

The standards for license plates are set by the decree of June 15, 1993 amending the decree of May 5, 1988 setting the administrative rules relating to the registration number of motor vehicles, p.15.

The numbers as well as the operating plates must meet the characteristics defined for the motor vehicle under the decree of 23 June 1975 relating to the registration and re-registration of motor vehicles.

The front plate must contain Arabic numerals on a gray white reflectorized background, and the back plate must contain black Arabic numerals on a yellow reflectorized background.

For vehicles in temporary circulation: the number is reproduced on the front plates

and back by black Arabic numerals on a white reflectorized background in front and back.

The registration number is made up (from right to left) of 3 groups of diagrams (set of numbers) separated by dashes:

- a diagram representing the wilaya of registration (from 1 to 58);

- a group of three (3) Arabic numerals, separated from the previous one by a visible dash, characterizing the year of entry into service (the first two digits) and the category of the vehicle (the third digit).

The Arabic numerals representing the vehicle category

are indicated below:

— passenger vehicles (passenger vehicles) = 1

— trucks = 2

— vans = 3

— coaches and buses = 4

— road tractors = 5

— other tractors = 6

— special vehicles = 7

— trailers and semi-trailers = 8

— motorcycles (two (2) wheels or more) = 9

- the position of the registration classification at the level of the wilaya during the year of registration.

Also, the license plate must be made of aluminum and have the following dimensions:

- 1 millimeter thick;

- 52 centimeters in length;

- 11 centimeters wide;

- the numbers must be 7.5 centimeters high and must be 0.5 millimeters apart from the rest of the plate.

If the license plates are not up to standard, the driver risks a 2nd degree violation of the highway code and will incur a withdrawal of 2 points, plus a fixed fine of 2,000 DA to 4,000 DA.

In the event of driving a vehicle without a license plate or with an illegible plate, the vehicle may be immobilized on the spot, he explained, adding that in the event of non-compliance of the plate with the information appearing on the gray card, the driver is liable to a prison sentence of two (02) months and a fine of 50,000 DA to 150,000 DA.



- Modifications to the Official Journal of July 21, 2021 with among others:

Introduction of new Wilayas;

For vehicles whose year of entry into service is unknown, the Arabic numerals which must specify this year of entry into service are replaced by diagram 33. The cards and registration plates bearing the diagram "22" must be replaced by diagram "33" as soon as this decree is published and, at the latest, on December 31, 2021.

- Modifications to the Official Journal of January 17, 2023 with among others:

- For vehicles whose year of entry into circulation is unknown and bearing the diagram "22" or "33", their owners are required to submit them to the vehicle conformity check with the mining services, territorially competent, in order to determine the year of their first circulation.

- No more dashes in separating blocks of numbers (Ex: 123456-123-01 becomes 123456 123 01)


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