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Audi A3: an all-electric future

The programming of an electric automotive future is still being talked about with the announcement of an automotive icon, namely Audi A3, which will see its next generation, which will be released in 2027, exclusively 100% electric. Audi wants to succeed in completely phasing out combustion in 2033 to become a "zero emission" brand with its Vorsprung 2030 strategy, which is part of the Volkswagen Group's New Auto plan. Its name derives from the Audi slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Advanced through technology).

Several German media, including the very reliable Auto Motor und Sport, confirm the news on this subject. Audi would therefore have decided not to develop its new A3 other than in a 'zero emission' version.

The new iteration of the German compact will see the light of day in 2027, and it will still carry the e-tron name. It will be based on Volkswagen's SSP platform, with a new generation of batteries and will be based on Volkswagen's future Trinity modular architecture.

Two 100% electric modular architectures will make their debut in the Volkswagen group and will enable the development of all Volkswagen group models. The eponymous brand is developing its own under the name Trinity; Audi has chosen the name Artemis. But the next A3, which will be developed under the internal codename E3, will be based on the Trinity platform. Artemis will indeed be intended for larger vehicles such as the future A8 prefigured by the Grandsphere concept. For its part, Trinity will be inaugurated at Volkswagen with a model “a little over four meters long” according to Herbert Diess, big boss of the German group, i.e. a size closer to that of an A3. Like the electric Renault Mégane E-Tech compared to the Mégane IV, the future Audi A3 could be a little shorter than its predecessor (4.31 m in Sportback) while offering similar interior space thanks to its electric powertrain allowing to combine long wheelbase and short overhangs.


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