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Autonomous cars: a panel for you

The world is changing and so are the panels. With the arrival of autonomous cars, it is necessary to adjust the signaling to regulate traffic. Nothing new in this, jump that now panels are no longer intended for car drivers, since there are no more, but for autonomous vehicles themselves!

In Germany, it is a sound future sign already present since 2020. Initially placed along the highway 9 at intervals of 2.5 kilometers and this within the framework of the pilot project "Digital Highway Test Bed" where the highway has been used as a testing laboratory for about a year. Car manufacturers, telecommunications companies and the IT industry can digital communication between the road and the car.

The appearance of mysterious signs resembles a type of simple QR code. Sharp edges of geometric figures and contrasting colors should be easily recognized by the "electronic eyes" of computer-controlled cars. To the human eye, overlapping triangles and squares can look like an hourglass.

The fact that the signs appeared in precisely these particular places is no coincidence. These highways are located in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of BMW and Audi. In turn, the headquarters of Mercedes and Porsche are located within a radius of about 200 km. No wonder the local Autobahny is a testing ground for German premium brands.


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