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Chery: new factory in Algeria

The Chinese company "Chery" intends to carry out an automobile industry project in the wilaya of Bordj Bou Arreridj with a preliminary capacity of 24,000 units/year, indicated a press release from the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production.

The details of this project were presented during an audience granted Wednesday by the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun to a delegation from the Chery company, led by the brand's Managing Director in Africa, Steve Chan and the Brand Director in Algeria, Aimen Cheriet.

The production capacity of the “Chery” factory in Bordj Bou Arreridj will increase to 100,000 vehicles during the third year of its entry into production, while working to create an export platform in Algeria, the press release specifies.

The company will carry out this Thursday the official launch of the "Chery" brand in Algeria, with the exhibition of the majority of models which will be marketed in Algeria, as well as the presentation of the distribution network which will initially cover 30 wilayas. .

In this regard, the minister insisted on the fact that prices are accessible to Algerian citizens, affirming the need to pay particular attention to after-sales services and to respect the specifications, adds the same source.


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