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COCKPIT 4 outing: Discovering Kabylia

For its fourth COCKPIT outing of the year, under the theme "Discovering Kabylia" and more precisely the northern slope of Djurdjura (which has been a biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO since 1997) which took place from 6 until September 7, 2019.

Day 1

1 / Aïn El Hammam

Departure from Algiers to Aïn El Hammam (ex: Michelet during the colonial period, so called in tribute to the French historian Jules Michelet) where we joined our accommodation which was the Auberge de Aïn Hammam to whom we thank for their welcome and which we strongly recommend for its geographical position (high perched, it overhanging a green vegetation even in this period), its friendly and attentive staff, its cleanliness (observed the day of our visit, provided that its hard) and its unbeatable quality / price ratio (room for 2 for 1,600da).

Certainly there are some services missing, such as not systematic catering (depending on the occupancy rate), but we get used to it.

We leave you their contact details if you are interested in staying there, but we advise you to call before leaving.

2/ Tiferdoud

After a good restoration with local skewers, destination not far away, the highest village of Great Kabylia which rises to 1197 meters from sea level and the second in Algeria after that of Djaafra which is located at 1350 meters in the Wilaya of Bordj Bou Arreridj.

Tiferdoud was honored with the title of the cleanest village in Kabylia in 2017 which allows him to have a notoriety that brings him back visitors (visit from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. every day) who by their donations allow to continue the preservation and the development of premises. We were kindly welcomed and an improvised guide who explained to us the history and ambitions of the village.

A second local guide came to take us around the village, however we did not understand everything he was telling us :). But touching as he is, we still followed him to the end.

3/ Aẓru N ṭhur

Following the village higher up, we climbed even higher, to Aẓru N ṭhur, 1883 meters above sea level!

Legend has it that in this precise place an ascetic who came to the region a few centuries ago performed the midday prayer before surrendering the soul. The villagers of the surroundings are said to have built a mausoleum for him on this peak which is still loved today by the eagles and vultures of Djurdjura.

Every year in August, thousands of visitors go to the heights of Djurdjura to honor a centuries-old Berber tradition or simply breathe the invigorating air of the peaks.

For our part we chose to go there to see the sunset. A magical spectacle that we were the only one to admire at this hour (because we had to brave the cold of 8 ° C and the descent of the return in the most absolute darkness, but nothing scares our valiant Cockpistes).