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COCKPIT fb is 2 years old: happy birthday

"Fuck, two years!" as the character of Chirac says in Les Guignols, and a lot of things!

On March 3, 2018, the fb group was created in order to create a community of automotive enthusiasts from all walks of life, neither political nor border ... 100% sharing passion.

The two unique selection criteria for being Cockpiste, love of the car and being a gentleman driver.

2 years later, more than 1,600 Cockpistes and a new born: to bring your passion to life even more.

COCKPIT is also: meetings with its outings and road trips, mutual assistance, an open discussion space with respect for everyone, exclusives, friendship and more.

Personally, I would like to thank all the Cockpistes and the Cockpit staff members for their human qualities and extraordinary passions, which are recognized by all.

2 years of maturity for the group to take it to a new dimension and ambition which will be achieved together and for us, this is the objective set.

Do not forget also the celebration of the 2 years of Cockpit at the new Pizzeria F1, as its name suggests is dedicated to Formula 1 and whose Cockpit to develop the concept.




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