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Exit 17: from the Circuit to the Parking Lot - Canada

First official international release of COCKPIT, in Canada more precisely in the greater Montreal region. 2-step exit.

The Algerian community in North America continues to grow, with it that of automobile enthusiasts and therefore of Cockpit, a reason to organize this outing which aims to strengthen this passion for automobiles among Algerians in Canada, but also to create links between our members even beyond the Algerian borders, an initiative which will have consequences in other countries.

Stage 1: In the morning on the Sanair circuit about fifty kilometers from Montreal to St-Hyacinthe on the South Shore

Departure from the meeting point at 8 a.m. on a weekend day, some had a breakdown and had to miss the exit. In any case, the most daring found themselves at the circuit to attend a track day event. A circuit located in the heart of nature.

The primary goal is to create a good time between Cockpit enthusiasts and an introduction to this discipline. Appointment made for a future outing with participation on our part, but first you must provide training to know the rules of conduct!

Once this activity is over, a little coffee break at Tim Hortons (restaurant specializing in the sale of coffee and donuts).

Back to Montreal and looking forward to the next lapping with our cars prepared for the occasion.

Step 2: End of day meeting in a parking lot

Team change and direction the north shore to go to the parking lot of the Méga Center Notre Dame in Laval to attend a crazy meeting with the most beautiful ''floats'' in Montreal and the presence of many influencers to cover this event in the place has remained secret to attract only enthusiasts of social networks, a legal meeting supervised by the organizers and the police, a beautiful atmosphere and without addicts in a country which likes to maintain calm, so a small exception to let make the engines roar, Canada is not the USA.