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Fiat El Djazair: We tell you everything

Today, March 19, 2023, a press conference was held at the Sheraton Club des Pins hotel in Algiers on the launch of the FIAT brand in Algeria by the Stellantis El Djazair group.

To take stock, for the moment, import authorizations have been issued for 14 service providers.

This ad has

took place during a ceremony chaired by Mr. Ali Aoun, Minister of

Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Mr. Tayeb Zitouni,

Minister of Trade and Export, in the presence of His Excellency

Mr. Giovanni Pugliese, Italian Ambassador to Algeria, by Mr. Abdelkrim

Touahria, Ambassador of Algeria in Italy, by Mr. Samir Cherfan, Stellantis

Middle East and Africa Chief Operating Officer, of Mr. Olivier François,

FIAT Chief Executive Officer and Stellantis Global Chief Marketing Officer,

and Mr. Hakim Boutehra, Managing Director of Stellantis Maghreb.

“Support for the Fiat project in automobile construction

takes on a historical symbolism that reflects the good relations that have

so long accompanied the two countries. By combining our efforts,

we will make it a reference project in terms of integration and

complementarity. We are currently undertaking a study

concerning this factory which is likely to open up great horizons

to exceed the initial ambitions. declared Mr. Ali Aoun, Minister of

Industry and Pharmaceutical Production.

Today's announcement confirms the key place of Algeria within the

Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 Strategic Plan for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. This launch of the FIAT brand will pave the way

for achieving Stellantis MEA's ambition to sell one million

vehicles in the region by 2030, with production autonomy

regional by 70%, which will make it possible to be as close as possible to expectations


- FIAT models marketed from March 21, 2023

  • - FIAT models marketed from March 21, 2023Gamme de véhicules de Tourisme


• The first in FIAT's electrified range, this city car

emblematic is today the first hybrid vehicle of the

brand sold in Algeria.

• Available in sedan version, it is equipped with an engine

3-cylinder 1.0 liter 70 hp engine, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%

fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

• The “Dolcevita”, launch edition of the 500 Hybrid, will be

proposed in the three colors reminiscent of the Algerian flags

and Italian: Rugiada green, Gelato white and Passione red


Petrol/Electric Hybrid

Engine: L Gasoline

Power: 70 hp

Gearbox: 6 manual

Finish: 3

Price :

500 Hybrid = 2,625,000 including VAT (new price on 04/16/2023 = 2,410,000 including VAT)

500 Hybrid Docelvita Opening Edition = 2,780,000 including VAT (new price on 04/16/2023 = 2,555,000 including VAT)

500 Hybrid Docelvita = 2,920,000 including VAT (new price on 04/16/2023 = 2,695,000 including VAT)


A compact SUV with Italian charm, combining safety and peace of mind.

• Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM, the Uconnect 7" HD LIVE touchscreen offers state-of-the-art connectivity.

• Two versions available: entry-level and top-of-the-range, fitted with a 1.4 petrol 140 hp engine with dual-clutch gearbox


Engine: 1.4L petrol

Power: 140hp

Gearbox: 6 automatique

Finish: 2 (Cult and Club)

Price :

500X Cult = 3,790,000 including tax (new price on 04/16/2023 = 3,465,000 including tax)

500X Club = 4,060,000 incl. VAT (new price on 04/16/2023 = 3,735,000 incl. VAT)


A family and functional model, capable of responding to all

family expectations.

• The Fiat Tipo will take you everywhere, from urban centers to

country trips.

• Available in a compact version, it is equipped with a 1.6 engine

etorq 110 hp with automatic gearbox.


Engine: l.6L TORQ petrol

Power: 110 hp

Gearbox: 6 automatic

Finish: 3 (Tipo, City and Life)

Type: SEDAN (4 doors)

Price :

Tipo Tipo = 2,995,000 including VAT

Tipo City = 3,145,000 including VAT

Tipo Life = 3,325,000 including tax

Utility range


• Spacious, versatile and flexible, the Doblò offers solutions

innovative and ingenious solutions to improve driving


• Able to meet all user requirements

professionals, it is adorned with a little touch of ingenuity


• Available in utility version, it is equipped with a 90 hp 1.6 HDI engine with manual transmission. •

Offering up to 1 ton of payload, it can adapt to all daily missions.


Engine: 1.6L HDI

Power: 92 hp

Gearbox: 5 manual

Finish: 1 (sheet)

Price :

Doblo = 3,259,000 including tax (new price on 04/16/2023 = 3,208,000 including tax)


• The Scudo is the ideal partner for all professionals.

• Utility vehicle offering all the comfort of a car, it is equipped with a 2.0 HDI 150 hp engine with manual transmission.

• With 1.4 tons payload.


Engine: 2L HDI

Power: 150 hp

Gearbox: 6 manual

Finish: 1 (sheet)

Price :

Scudo = 3,970,000 including tax (new price on 04/16/2023 = 3,855,000 including tax)


• The Ducato embodies 40 years of leadership and success in the

LCV sector.

• A model synonymous with excellence in terms of dimensions,

volume, efficiency, flexibility, technology, comfort,

safety and performance. With a marked penchant for


• Equipped with a 2.2 Diesel 140 hp engine with manual transmission,

it offers a best-in-class payload of 2.2 tons.


Engine: 2.2L HDI

Power: 140 hp

Gearbox: 6 manual

Model: 3 (tole)

Price :

Ducato H1L1 = 4,120,000 including tax (new price on 04/16/2023 = 4,049,000 including tax)

Ducato H2L2 = 4,420,000 including tax (new price on 04/16/2023 = 4,349,000 including tax)

Ducato H3L3 = 4,590,000 including tax (new price on 04/16/2023 = 4,519,000 including tax)

FIAT production in Algeria:

- Expected date of commercialization: December 2023

- Models produced: 500, Doblo and a new model not yet unveiled (but we put a coin that it will be the new FIAT 600, replacing the 500X, scheduled for November 2023)

- Place of production: in Tafraoui, Wilaya Oran

- FIAT agents will be present in 28 wilayas initially and provide sales and after-sales service

- Total amount: 200 million euros

- 2,000 jobs created in 2026

- 30% integration rate in 2026, to increase to 40%

- 30 points of sale currently, 40 points of sale at the end of the year

- By 2026, the plant will have an annual production capacity of 90,000 vehicles (60,000 initially)

- Who can buy?

To avoid any misappropriation of car lots and reduce the automobile crisis in Algeria, the Algerian government requires dealers (article in the official journal n°76 of November 17, 2022) "to sell only one passenger vehicle per natural person for a period of five years, except in the case of a duly justified reform".


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