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Intensive anti-theft marking

We are talking to you today about a theft deterrent not used in our country, but which deserves to be talked about to perhaps introduce this technique in Algeria.

Intensive anti-theft marking, also called chiseling, consists of engraving an alphanumeric code on the main parts of the vehicle. This code is associated with the vehicle identification number (VIN) and stored in a secure database, it allows the identity and owner of the vehicle to be traced at all times. Databases are only accessible to police forces, insurance company investigators and border service agencies.

There are two etching techniques, sandblasting and acid which minimizes the risk of damage to parts (which remains low) but which is done on fewer parts than sandblasting.

More than 50 engraved parts, according to providers, statistics from insurers have shown that the theft rate is greatly reduced on vehicles with marking, they even offer discounts on the insurance policy.

So when will we come home?


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