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The BMW Autenrieth 3200 Super, 4-door Cabriolet from 1962 of the Algerian Presidency

Newly independent Algeria, the Algerian presidency recovers the cars left by France for its fleet of cars intended for state administrations, the fleet was made up exclusively of French brands: Citroën, Peugeot, Hotchkiss. Exception made, the first presidential car which was a BMW Autenrieth 3200 Super, Cabriolet 4 doors from 1962 prepared by the German coachbuilder (1921 - 1964) Karosseriebau Autenrieth which will make a specific model for the Algerian presidency. Basically, the 3200 S is a BMW 502 which is considered to be the first post-war German car to have a V8. The 3200S has a 3.2L dual-carburetor engine that produces 160 horsepower (120 kW) at 5,600 rpm.

This BMW was used to move the Algerian Presidents Ben Bella and Boumediene as well as his official guests. Over the years, we lost track of her until we found her in Europe, without further details, she had an Algerian ''civilian'' registration number from 1965, and then nothing except this photo.

A mystery that lasts, just like that of the Cadillac offered to Algeria by the American President J.F. Kennedy in 1962 during the official visit of President Ahmed Ben Bella to the United States. We hear a lot of things about his future without being able to certify it. However, at COCKPIT, we know we have serious information, like what, this vehicle, which should be considered as a national heritage, suffered a sad fate since it was crushed without regard in a scrapyard in Algiers.



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