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Nissan Algeria: the Hasnaoui Group extends its representation of the brand

The Hasnaoui group, founded in 1964 and operating in industry, Services and Distribution in Algeria, has represented the Nissan brand in Algeria since 1993, and has just signed a new representation agreement with Nissan. This took place at the beginning of October in South Africa, by Joni Paiva, president of Nissan Africa, and Sofiane Hasnaoui, representative of the Hasnaoui group, on the sidelines of the launch of the new Nissan Navara from the factory Rosslyn (South Africa).

Joni Paiva said: “This is a completely new start in a very important market which was previously one of the three main automotive markets in Africa and which is now booming (…). This is an integral part of our medium-term growth strategy, aimed at unlocking the potential of this continent as the world's final automotive frontier by providing the best range of models to meet Africa's mobility needs in a sustainable, safe manner. and ambitious.

“We have ambitious plans for the Algerian market and in particular with the locally built Nissan Navara,” he said, revealing that “the North African markets of Algeria, Egypt and Libya have been identified as key markets for the new Navara, as well as a range of exciting packages that will be introduced with the model across the continent.

For her part, Sofiane Hasnaoui, indicates: “We are very happy to sign this new agreement. This is a new chapter in what has been an enduring partnership and it is only fitting that we embrace the future here at the home of the all-new Nissan Navara, which truly is a worthy successor to the legendary NP300 Hardbody and a vehicle which embodies everything that the Free Trade Agreement on the African continent hopes to achieve.”

Certain indiscretions speak of a Nissan factory project in Oran, which was already the case in 2019, where planning a factory worth 160 million US dollars, for a production of 63,500 vehicles per year and 1,800 direct jobs .

We hope this will be the right one, only the future will tell us.


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