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PEUGEOT CONCEPT CAR 4x4 "AGADES" (1989): a concept to reconsider

Presented in 1989 at the Paris Salon in an offensive blue color, the Agadès concept car was 3.30 m long and 1.66 m wide, which gave it a large interior for its small size. From Peugeot, it actually only wore the appearance inspired by the very conventional 106, because functional, it was made on the basis of a Citroën BX GTI 4x4. Inside, there is sand leather upholstery and jeans in the same blue as the bodywork. If the reception of visitors to the show was positive, it was nevertheless noticed that Agadès was not fun enough for the young clientele it was targeting.

This is why Peugeot is reviewing its copy with Heuliez by making the Agadès reappear a few months later at the Geneva Motor Show in satin sand livery, with roof bars, two adjustable headlights, more virile hubcaps and a spare wheel on the rear hatch. This time, the reception was as enthusiastic on the part of the public as it was indifferent on the side of the management of the Franche-Comté brand, remaining relatively conservative. The Peugeot Agadès was also exhibited in the window of the Heuliez showroom, boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, during the winter of 1990. Its interior in jeans and beige leather is in perfect condition. Under the hood, there is a 1.9 GTI engine type 1CW2Y6DEA, marked "test n°109126". The vehicle is equipped with hydraulic suspension. The odometer shows 1 km. Prototype sold in 2012 for Sold €17,870 at Artcurial.

Next to it we could see another prototype "Scarabée d'Or" from Citroën (another brand of the P.S.A. group) with Heuliez, a similar concept which also will not see the light of day.

A concept that may have come out too early knowing the current craze for mini-SUVs.



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