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Supercars and Hypercars: specific driving licenses in South Australia

Sports cars these days have become so powerful that we talk more about driving than piloting, so they need a pilot's license. In any case, this is what the South Australian government wants by preparing a bill for a specific permit to pilot them, what more normal will we say in view of their performance and specificities. This decision is the result of a traffic accident which took place in 2019 in Australia and which shocked the whole country, when a Lamborghini had crushed and killed a 15-year-old young woman who was leaving a restaurant in Adelaide. (capital of South Australia), the driver had lost control of his car. On board was a 37-year-old YouTuber who had just posted a clip bragging about the speed and price ($328,000) of his Huracan LP580, which had a "PSYKO" license plate on it. an attitude that can only displease in a country that does not tolerate any excess of this type.

In addition, the bill that the state of South Australia is preparing also provides for not allowing the deactivation of driving aids in sports cars to avoid any loss of control of the vehicle. The license should be an extension of the car license with additional training and examination.

It remains to be seen whether this law will be adopted by the Australian Parliament. The proposal should in any case be presented before the end of the year and even if the Prime Minister of South Australia is confident, he still imagines that he will face some resistance from supercar owners in Australia. .


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