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The “Burdeau” bridge building

The Telemly “Burdeau” Bridge building in Algiers is a true architectural feat which includes a road on its terrace which overlooks homes. It is erected above the Burdeau ravine.

This work was created by the architect L. Pierre Marie in 1952, based on an application of the idea of viaduct buildings designed by Le Corbusier.

The concept of an inhabited viaduct was proposed by Le Corbusier for two urban planning projects: a project for Rio de Janeiro presented in 1929 and the “Obus Plan” of 1930 for the city of Algiers. This plan included a curvilinear highway raised by pilotis, it extends over 10 km around the bay of Algiers, it connects the center of Algiers to its suburbs (El-Harrach in Saint-Eugène). This viaduct contains 14 levels of housing intended for the working class which can accommodate 180,000 inhabitants.

“Plan Obus” model



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