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The first electric Hummer leaves the factory and is sold at a high price

The number 1 was sold at auction for gold at auction by the house Barrett-Jackson, against 2.5 million dollars! Interest in the Hummer is still present, and the transition to electric has not damaged the reputation of the machine.

The most complete customization offer for an electric pickup, among the 200 or so parts offered in this catalog, is also an imposing roof cell equipped with a tent for spending nights under the stars. GMC has not delivered all the details of this equipment, but it will take advantage of the utility's electrical circuit to power various users' devices.

If most car manufacturers harmonize the battery powers in a range, at Hummer, there is a choice: the entry-level EV² has a 400V battery. The other models (EV2X, EV3X and EV Edition 1) all have the right to the 800V battery, which allows for much faster charging. The engines are also more powerful: there are two on the EV2 and EV2X, and three for the EV3X with a total power of 830 hp, and even 1000 hp as an option. For entry-level, it will be necessary to "be satisfied" with 625 ch.

The most powerful Hummer has 200 kWh batteries and weighs over 4 tonnes.


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