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The VW Käfer: The car with 100 names

The most popular of all cars, namely the famous Beetle as we call it

You should know that this nice car, sold at 21,529,464 units, ranks good 4th in terms of the best-selling cars in the world, just behind the Toyota Corolla (35 million sold to date), Ford F Series (33 million sold to date) and the Volkswagen Golf (25 million sold to date). In 5th position, we find the Ford Model T with its 15,007,033 units sold.

• Käfer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

• Volkswagen Bug, everywhere

• Pichirilo in Ecuador

• Pulga ("Flea"), or "Escarabajo" ("Ladybug") in Colombia

• Frog in Sri Lanka

• Ladybug in Algeria

• Kever in Belgium

• Vocho, Vochito or Volcho in Mexico and Colombia

• Fusca in Brazil and Paraguay

• Escarabajo in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Venezuela

• Peta (turtle) in Bolivia

• Folcika, or Buba (Bug) in Bosnia Herzegovina

• Sedan, Fusca or Fusquinha in Brazil

• Bug, Beetle, Choupette or Coccinelle in Canada

• Escarabat (means Ladybug) in Catalan

• Poncho in Chile

• Buba in Croatia

• Brouk in the Czech Republic

• Boblen, Bobbelfolkevogn, gravid rulleskøjte (pregnant roller skate) or Hitlerslæden (Hitler's sleigh) in Denmark

• Cepillo ("Brush") in the Dominican Republic

• Fakrouna ("Turtle") in Libya

• Põrnikas in Estonia

• Kuplavolkkari or Kupla in Finland

• Coccinelle in France, Quebec and Haiti

• Cucaracha or Cucarachita in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

• Bogar in Hungary

• Bjalla in Iceland

• Beetle in India

• Kodok in Indonesia

• Maggiolino or Maggiolone in Italy

• Kabuto-mushi in Japan

• Kifuu in Kenya

• Vabola in Latvia

• Vabalas in Lithuania

• Kura or Kodok in Malaysia

• Sedán, Pulguita Vocho or Vochito in Mexico

• Scoro-Scoro in Namibia

• Bhyagute in Nepal

• Kever in Holland

• Boble in Norway

• "Pendong", kotseng kuba, "pagong", "Ba-o" or "Boks" in the Philippines

• Garbus in Poland

• Carocha in Portugal

• Volky in Puerto Rico

• Broasca / Broscuta or Buburuza in Romania

• Zhuk in Russia

• Buba in Serbia

• Volla, Kewer, Volksie in South Africa

• Chrobák in Slovakia

• Volks / Beetle / ibba in Sri Lanka

• Mgongo wa Chura” or Mwendo wa Kobe” in Swahili

• Bagge, bubbla or folka in Sweden and Finland

• Kobe in Tanzania

• Rod Tao (turtle car) in Thai

• Bhamba datya in Shona in Zimbabwe

• Tortuga in Panama

• Escarabajo, Bocho o Rana in Peru


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