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The wiper

As simple as it is, the wiper is an essential accessory for vehicles. Its history dates back to 1903, when it was patented by Mary Anderson, it is the invention of a woman like several other inventions related to the automobile. Mary Anderson got the idea during a trip to New York City (U.S.A.) when she saw streetcar machinists driving open windshield in rainy weather because of sleet forming on the windshield. The principle is based on a swinging arm and manually operated by a lever on which is fixed a rubber blade which is removed in summer. The lever was operated to cause the spring arm to move on the windshield. A counterweight was used to ensure contact between the glass and the glass. In 1905, she tried to sell the rights to a reputable Canadian company, but was told, "We don't consider it to be of such commercial value that would justify this acquisition." After the patent expired in 1920, with automobile production increasing exponentially, the Anderson-designed windshield wiper became standard equipment. In 1922, Cadillac was the first automaker to adopt it as standard equipment. In 1951, William M. Folberth developed it by making it automated by electric motors which moved the wiper blades back and forth. In 1963, the wiper became intermittent thanks to the patented system of Dr. Robert William Kearns and whose invention was taken over without authorization by Ford (which Ford was ordered to pay him $ 10.1 million instead of the $ 395 million. dollars requested) and Chrysler (Chrysler was ordered to pay him $ 18.7 million with interest) which were condemned by the courts for patent infringement, something that inventor Mary Anderson could not benefit from for his invention

BAlthough its design has changed very little over time, there are different models. Usually the windshield wipers operate simultaneously and in parallel. However, some vehicle models are equipped with a symmetrical centered, antagonist, inverted antagonist, single-ball or independent wiper system. In all cases, they must make it possible to achieve a scanning field representing at least 80% of the field of vision.

The Highway Code imposes at least one front windscreen wiper fitted with a windscreen washer.

Windshield wipers in a car contribute to the driver's visibility and, in turn, to the safety of all passengers. Over time, the rubber squeegees that sweep the surface of the windshield are damaged by friction, but also by extreme temperatures ... and dirt. It is therefore better to wipe them regularly with a damp cloth soaked in windshield washer fluid.

If your windshield has been hit by a field expedition, be sure to hand wash it before pressing the wipers on it, which will be more effective if their movement is not impeded by dirt.

The maintenance of the rear wiper is very limited, and comes down to a few simple operations:

check the condition of the brush and change it regularly (risk of scratching the rear screen);

check the condition of the wiper arm mounting pin; it can become loose or seize up;

check the operation and level of the washer fluid because dry running wipers wear out much faster.

However, some of us use maintenance secrets such as cleaning the blades with champoing and tackling the rubbers, applying the product to the windshield allowing the water to slide better on the windshield, adding a drop of soap bans the water pan used to clean the windshield, but these applications have a more or less efficient performance.

There are several models of wipers available, and every car owner can choose the type of wiper that suits their needs and budget.

The traditional model: These economical brushes have a sturdy metal frame and adhere almost perfectly to the windshield, although they are more sensitive to gusts of wind. Snow and ice easily accumulate on the frame, making it difficult to operate at times.

The winter model: The rubber surface of these brooms allows them to keep accumulations of snow and ice away. Although they do not adhere perfectly to the windshield, they are an excellent choice during the winter season, but should imperatively be stored in summer to protect them from the sun.

The flexible model: The higher price of these frameless brooms is explained by their optimum performance throughout the year. Although they are lightweight, their aerodynamic design protects them from gusts of wind and prevents snow and ice from building up to a point.

A windshield wiper has a lifespan of 500,000 cycles according to the manufacturers, which corresponds to one year of use (this duration of wear takes into account not only this cycle but also the annual temperature variations which weaken the brushes. ).


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