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Tissier Citroën CX ''Helicopter Transporter 6'' with mobile launch and landing pad

It looked like a vehicle straight out of a science fiction series, this Tissier Citroën CX ''Helicopter Transporter 6'' vehicle was made in two copies for the 1982 Rally of Algeria to transport a helicopter, an Alouette II . He could take off and land from the platform. This CX is based on a production CX Bagagère which was used by Hollander. The helicopter, meanwhile, had the mission of following Pierre Tissier - owner of Tissier Establishments specializing in the transformation of Citroën brand vehicles - (who was at his second participation in this Rally) the different stages of the 1982 Algerian Rally. history, he will not shine during these 3 participations (1981, 1982, 1984).


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