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TOGG: Turkey's first electric SUV arrives in 2022

At the end of 2018, a new automotive group was born. TOGG (for "Türkiye'nin Otomobili Girisim Grubu"), a company made up of six Turkish companies, occasionally presented two concepts, an SUV and a sedan. Things are progressing for the group, since images of the production SUV have been spotted on the Internet, coming from a patent deposit bank.

100% electric, the TOGG SUV can have two grille variants: closed, or more open and fitted with vertical slats. Little technical information has been revealed by the young manufacturer since the concept was presented in 2019. It should nevertheless display a similar technical sheet, with a 4x2 version offering 200 hp or a 4x4 variant offering 400 hp. The range was advertised between 300 and 500 km. The SUV will be produced at the Gemlik plant in Turkey. Initially, only the SUV will be marketed by the brand, before being joined by other models such as a sedan, a compact crossover and a minivan. Both prototypes were designed with the help of Pininfarina.

TOGG hopes to break into the local market but also internationally, and is counting on its brand new factory in Bursa for this. A city where some European models such as the Renault Clio are built. The SUV is expected to arrive in 2022 if the project is viable, and the brand then hopes to found a full lineup by 2030 with the sedan, an urban SUV, a minivan and a small sedan.


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