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Victory Automobile sets up in Algeria

The brand may tell you nothing and yet there are some Victory vehicles in circulation in Algeria.

The Victory Automobile Algeria company is finalizing its showrooms alongside those of the Geely brand, which has had its approval for the sale of vehicles in Algeria.

Chenggong Victory Auto (CVA) belongs to the Chinese group Shanxi Victory Investment Group. It has marketed the Victory Auto brand since 2002.

Victory Auto is a brand that belongs to the Chinese company Chenggong Victory Auto (CVA) and which depends on the Victory Group which operates in the fields: aeronautics, energy, real estate, petrochemicals and automotive. The brand was created in 2002 and specializes in the production and transport of commercial vehicles and currently exports to more than 25 countries and intends to set up assembly plants all over the world in order to conquer new markets such as in Algeria.


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