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Will the New Renault 5 really be exclusively full electric?

The new Renault 5 E-Tech exclusively 100% electric... not so sure!

Renault can reverse its choice, technically yes, then this R5 is based on the new "EV Native" platform which is in reality a base derived from the CMF B, from the big sister Clio and which can therefore accommodate a fuel tank. 'essence. In addition, higher strength steels for the structure housing the battery and deformable front and rear blocks but different from a Clio engine cradle whose constraints are specific to the approval of thermal vehicles. Under the hood, since the stripped structure of its body is close to that of the Clio, there would also be enough space to insert a combustion engine and possibly the hybrid version of the 1600 cubic centimeter four-cylinder. The parallel with the Jeep Avenger is also interesting: originally imagined as electric, the crossover is also available as thermal. The modular platform has in fact allowed Stellantis to release a more accessible gasoline version in parallel. And Jeep now offers it in France alongside the battery-powered Avenger.

Then, will Renault managers do it? The question remains as these leaders blur the lines and no longer speak unanimously to say no. European regulations set the all-electric transition to 2035, but 11 years is a long time and European sales place gasoline and hybrid engines at the top of sales ahead of electric.

On the other hand, Renault needs to capitalize on electric vehicle sales to maintain an increasingly lower overall “fleet” CO2 level. Too much success for a gasoline model would therefore be harmful as the objectives imposed by the EU tighten.

Especially since the generation which experienced the original R5 and the petrol and non-electric generation,

For the Renault group, the recovery plan includes the arrival of fourteen new models by 2025, including seven 100% electric models including the return of its two emblematic models, the R5 and the R4. The Clio V is currently responsible for moderating the success of the Peugeot 208 for the petrol and hybrid aspects.

A difficult choice.

Will Renault let itself be carried away by the siren song? The future will tell...



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