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Baïla Ndiaye, the father of the first Senegalese car | Sindiely

Last virtual stopover in Senegal before a new destination, this time we are talking about a genius of discovery, something known to Senegalese, Baïla Ndiaye, the father of the first Senegalese car.

Baïla Ndiaye is a 55-year-old industrial consultant, he manages an engineering company in Strasbourg, France, which is looking for machine solutions for southern countries.

After having obtained the baccalaureate. At the time, he set up a company specializing in electronics in Mulhouse, before returning to Senegal fifteen years later. It was there that he manufactured the Sindiély single-seater car from recycled materials, in the premises of the technical high school in Thiès, a project that began in 2011 and came to fruition in 2014.

The mechanical parts used for the construction of the Sindiely come from cars and motorcycles, of different brands, intended for the scrapyard. The engine was previously installed on a motorcycle. As for the front axles, they come from a Peugeot 205. Currently, this "legendary car" is in the workshops of the technical school in the city of Thiès, a large number of students having subsequently provided assistance. to Baïla Ndiaye. All of the mechanical parts used have been modified, adjusted and adapted to meet the specifications developed by the inventor.

"Africa will only develop with machines"

Baïla Ndiaye

Syndiely is built around a BMW K75 motorcycle engine that drives a Mercedes axle modified to meet the vehicle’s unique configuration. I also fitted it with variable hydraulic power angle transfer direct steering. It is an electronic injection controlled by a computer with a sequential gearbox controlled by the steering wheel and its braking is of the ABS type. A top speed estimated at 180 km / h.

The name Syndiely takes the first name of Syndiely Wade, who was the ambassador of African women in the Paris Dakar Rally could provide this international platform, in addition to being the daughter of the President of Senegal at the time, it could also help, however Syndiely Wade to deny the offer to be the car's godmother.

Baïla Ndiaye does not intend to stop there, since he has undertaken the creation of the ULM, with a wingspan of 13 meters, and whose project is currently on stand-by.

A course that we want to promote, even if his car has remained at the artisanal stage, it can encourage some who like him will want to embark on the adventure of creating an African car.


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