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BELL AURENS LONGNOSE: A "nose" that says a lot

Bell Aurens is the brand with which an imposing 4x4 vehicle arrived on the market in 2008 which represents the purest evolution of the Land Rover of the 109 Series. The Bell Aurens Longnose, which is as the creature is called, is not an attempt at retro design, it is rather a different evolution of an icon of the British car industry.

This custom-made and made-to-order two-seater convertible SUV proudly displays its exhaust manifolds prominently to the side and gives it a very powerful visual appearance. Among the engine options available you can choose between a 4.6 liter, a 5.0 liter or the Rover V8, but if you really want to monopolize all eyes, there is the option of choosing a Rolls Royce Merlin V12 engine. of 27 liters which develops a brutal power of 1500 hp.

Thomas Bell (born December 20, 1974) is the father of Bell Aurens Longnose. His ideas and his first sketches created the basis for this unique concept car.

Holger Kalvelage (born August 20, 1961) is the voice of the Bell Aurens Longnose project. Over 20 years of international marketing and countless creative consultancy work done for many automotive brands gives a slight idea of their role in this project.

After developing the car, finding a suitable manufacturer for this special and elitist type of vehicle was as complex a task as looking for a needle in a haystack. Finally, we opted for the engineer Jörg Lorenz and his team, who, under the name of “Lorenz & Partners”, and a small group of highly motivated specialists, work in a village near Nuremberg, with the same methods used by the great body designers of yesteryear.


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