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Car advertising: our selection of the best

Automotive advertising is essential for brand image, companies spend fortunes on communications to attract your favors, but it is not always those with the biggest budget that make the success, the idea of the creators and the know-how of the directors are the main keys to success even before that of the marketing strategists who define the tone of the advertising which can be informative, humorous, insightful, or even motivating to purchase.

From advertising to advertising, style evolves over time and adapts both to the times and to the intended markets.

So we will not give you a ranking of the best advertisements as such, because we will not find it objective, but a selection, which we COCKPIT like and find relevant in the context.

The funny ones

Starting with a little humor, and with the one that made the whole world laugh with a relatively low budget and which won numerous awards: The Peugeot 206.

Options make the difference.

The Super Bowl in the USA is the biggest sporting event, where advertisers pay an average of seven million US dollars to broadcast a 30-second advert, so you might as well laugh about it.

Even comedians get in on it.

The blockbusters

For once they are not American, let's start again with Peugeot and its 205 GTI, it must be said that the 80s and 90s were the golden age of advertisers for the 3 major French brands: Peugeot, Citroën and Renault.

If Peugeot rented the services of a bomber plane for this ad, Citroën was loaned an aircraft carrier and submarine at the request of the President of France at the time François Miterrand

Renault is happy to pay the Arab Sheikhs, but it is not expensive enough.

The most expensive

Ferrari / Shell (2007): $4.5 million

On one hand a brand of unaffordable cars, on the other a giant of the oil industry which pollutes to death and makes lots of money by stealing oil from poor countries and presto: that gives you a lot of money to make an advertising spot for 4.5 million. There is a logic. It's ugly, but it exists.

Honda (2003): $6.2 million

The huge budget for this spot would be due to the complexity of the production (which would be entirely real, without computer-generated images), and to the more than 600 takes that were necessary to complete it. A domino effect of rare finesse.

Chrysler - Born on Fire (2011): $12.4 million

A local revival trip for Eminem behind the wheel of a Chrysler. Multi-awarded at Cannes (best direction, best screenplay, best use of music, and best car advertising). We play on the “Detroit-ite” fiber (Detroit is the headquarters of Chrysler) to recall the good local products, made of steel and sweat. The “motor city” even says Eminem to the background of “Lose Yourself”.

The nostalgic

Youth is beautiful.

25 years later.


From the rising country where the dream continues...

with Indian flokore in pure Bollywood style.

Let's stay in Asia and more precisely in Thailand and the action.

Change of continent, destination Africa where Peugeot shows its attachment to this continent.

Since we are in Africa, a little trip to our home in Algeria with our traditional humor.

We end our fantastic world tour with Latin America and Brazil.

The stars

In India he is the Messi.

While in Sweden the demigod will zlatanize everything.

In Quebec we remain popular.

The idealists

Who dreamed of saving the planet?

it's good, but perfection is better.

The sentimentalists

Love is beautiful.

When we worship, we don't let him touch.

But everything is not always rosy.

You need your “vitamins” to keep going, 500X.

The power of the car!

And Beware of the Scorpion sting!

The passionates

The passionate,

and from generation to generation.

The flops

We're not going to be mean, we'll only talk about women.

The Warriors

I'm the best,

followed by the response of the shepherd to the shepherdess.

The visionaries

Silence we appreciate and imagine.

Whereas at Porsche we put the machine back.

You have loved ? so tell us in the comments your favorite.


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