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Exit 14: Karting, Tacos & Tea

For the 4th anniversary of the FB Cockpit group and the return to normal of COVID-19, we are back with outings with a program rich in activity. We begin by thanking the participants for their presence.

1 - Karting

We start with a Karting tournament with 21 participants in the Karting Evasion of Bordj El Kifan (Algiers) with 3 groups of 7 people in 2 rounds.

A competition won hands down by :

We would like to thank Mr. Hafiz Djaffar, owner and manager of Karting Évasion, who allowed us to organize this tournament on a Friday afternoon and for the welcome given.

2- Operation Tacos

After a tough competition, Tacos operation at Tacos Word in Draria, impeccable menu and catering, we thank again here the reserved welcome, the professionalism (and the discount granted ;) ). We will say Pub or not, the main thing is that we had a great time and we want to be grateful to those who participated, both professionals and participants, we close the ().

3- Digestion requires

Last step before bedtime, a good digestive with "Timimoune" tea at Saïd Hamdine and the opportunity to tell each other about the day spent.

One evening over at midnight, Cinderella comes home.


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