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Tesla: in Panziga in China, each inhabitant has his Tesla

Not so long ago in China, you could say that every inhabitant has a bicycle. But the Chinese industrial revolution passed through there, in the small Chinese village of Panziga,

almost every inhabitant has a Tesla Model Y!

The story is comical, it originates when a resident of this small mountainous village, far from everything, goes to town to find work.

He returned a few years later to aboard a Tesla model Y, the other inhabitants of the village were conquered, it was enough to create such a craze that each family in the village also wanted their Model Y.

Panziga currently has around thirty families... and around thirty Teslas.

The original owner of the Tesla Model Y justified his choice of an electric car with the aim of reducing pollution, as electricity in China is very often produced by coal-fired power plants.

An image that also serves the village which is known in fashion for its ecological fashion and advances the business climate for this remote village.

A story that made noise, so much so that Elon Musk heard this story and decided to install two superchargers there.

This village is now nicknamed the "Tesla village"


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