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The four-door VW Vocho, the hyphen between the Beetle and the Golf

Difficult to develop the best-selling car in the world, but after 34 years of existence, the famous Beetle plans to expand and take 2 additional doors to better meet the needs of families in terms of space and comfort. received in order to boost sales. The one called the Vocho is the only official 4-door Beetle model, even though coachbuilders have designed 4-door Beetles on their own.


Created in 1938, this fascinating beetle is an exclusive 2-door and finds itself close to retirement, it is then thus asked boss of the VW style Herbert Schäfer in 1972 to offer the Beetle (yes this world car with multiple names) prepared a study on a 4-door wagon version. Based on the VW 1302, which had already been modified two years earlier, Volkswagen wanted to comply with stricter safety laws in the United States without abandoning the traditional shape and the proven concept the work is moving to slightly larger dimensions. wide with generous glazing, much more interior space, last but not least.


The front became slightly flatter, but retained the round headlights, a small ridge in the center that recalled the detail of the original Beetle, had large splashes and a fender better integrated into the bodywork, on the sides the wheels maintained the detail of the wheels and caps, but surprised the lengthening of the body and the wheelbase to give it two more doors.


The rear also retains much of the original design, we have the chest vents, new skulls, but with the main shape still recognizable, again better fender integration work and a larger window wide

Of this model only this pair of photos from 1970 is known, as it was soon abandoned as Volkswagen was not looking to create a successor to the Beetle and already they needed a flagship car that drove a new family of products to achieve additional growth in the markets they have reached.

The following :

However, the last study of a large beetle was never built. From 1973, the 1303 with its panoramic windshield and padded dashboard was also able to meet American safety standards, which had been somewhat reduced in the meantime, at a much lower price.

However, this study will not remain a dead letter since it will open the door to the EA266 prototype which will give birth to the future best-selling brand: the Golf.


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