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Exit 9 | From the runway to the stars

We continue in the momentum of 2019, with the release 9 (account started in 2019, the 2018 releases are not in this account), with the first release of the year 2020 under the theme: From the track to the stars.

On the Karting and mountain climbing program.


Appointment given to the Karting évasion of Bordj El Kiffan (W. Algiers) for a race between Cockpistes who showed all their know-how in terms of driving. The sun being at the rendezvous, a small pot on the karting terrace gave us a panorama of the track with the stars.


The race ended, we went to see other stars, direction Mont de Chréa, Wilaya de Blida where the Ont witnessed a magnificent sunset over the city of Blida and the Algerian coast.

Arrived at the village of Chréa located at the top, other Cockpites joined us.

After a tea and peanuts to warm up from the freezing temperature, as there is affinity as announced in the program, we went to eat in Blida around a good table.

After a procession on the highway, everyone took the direction of the house to go to bed after a busy day ... well that's what we thought, because apparently a small group of Cockpistes had even more affinity to end the evening in the company of pancakes with Nutella! Little greedy betrayal that will be recalled during the next outing.

Un gros merci a tous les Cockpistes participant(e)s et vivement la 10. 


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