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FIAT El Djazair: inauguration of the factory in Tafraoui

Today, December 11, 2023, the Fiat factory in Algeria is inaugurated in Tafraoui in the Wilaya of Oran. It is the sign of the revival and new automobile policy in Algeria after the end of the previous process 4 years ago.

The inauguration ceremony of this factory took place in the presence of the Italian Deputy Minister of Business and “Made in Italy”, Valentino Valentini, and the general director of the Stellantis group to which the Fiat brand belongs, Carlos Tafriz.

This factory which was predestined to be that of Peugeot in Algeria was converted by Stellantis to become that of Fiat, the 2 brands being part of the same group but Fiat has the favors of the state.

The Fiat factory was built on an area of 40 ha, in addition to 80 ha dedicated to equipment manufacturers who will support the factory once it comes into operation. According to Samir Cherfan, director at Stellantis for the Africa – Middle East region), the factory will employ 600 people at its launch and 2,000 people by 2026, as well as 3 models will be manufactured there on that date, the Fiat 500 Hybrid set to open the ball, the Doblo in its touring (glass) and utility versions will follow suit, with the precision that an international novelty will come off the lines of the Fiat factory in Tafraoui in 2026. It was discussed, during the signing of the partnership agreement in October 2022, to produce 60,000 Fiats in Tafraoui in the first year, to see this volume increase to 90,000 vehicles/year with an integration rate of 35%.



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