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New electric terminal inaugurated in Algiers

After the first installation of an electric terminal in Algeria at the Naftal station in Chéraga in 2021, it is the turn of the Sablettes car park (at the exit of Algiers) to receive an electric charging station. on an electric Dacia Spring imported for the government for this purpose.

The two charging stations installed on the Promenade des Sablettes are ultra-fast. The cost of the program of 1,000 charging stations for EVs amounts to 15.073 billion DA, according to data announced at the inauguration ceremony. THE

cost of an “ordinary” charging station is estimated at more than 16.6 million DA, while the cost of the “double” charging station is more than 27.3 million DA.

The charging stations have three types of sockets suitable for European, Asian and hybrid cars. They have a power of 150 kW

expandable to 300 kW, can recharge a vehicle in about 15 minutes.

The Algerian state aims to develop and promote electric cars through the installation of 1,000 electric terminals (300 in 2023 and 700 in 20240 across the national territory, but also with tax advantages and also the production of electric cars in Algeria with in particular a partnership with the brands FIAT and BYD for the moment.

The program drawn up for the year 2023 includes the installation of charging stations at Naftal stations on the highway, of which there are 35 stations, at the rate of two stations for each station, as well as at 19 Naftal stations in large cities, with an average of 8 terminals for each station, as well as at 39 Naftal stations located in small towns, with an average of two terminals for each station.

The installation program for electric vehicle charging stations, entrusted to the Sonelgaz group, tends to consolidate and develop the energy transition and promote the use of electric vehicles on the national market.

Saieg (Algerian company of electricity and gas industries) will be in charge of the engineering part and assembly of the charging stations in a first, while Sonelgaz-distribution will take care of the operation and management of the stations.

Regarding payment methods, customers can use CIB electronic payment cards or the “Edahabia” card of Algérie Poste, or buy a ticket or prepaid reloading cards at Sonelgaz commercial agencies. According to the company, the first electric vehicle charging operation at these stations will be free as part of a special Sonelgaz offer.

The initiative aims to develop sustainable mobility in this North African country where the transport sector generates 20 million tonnes of CO2 per year, according to official figures.

The Minister of Energy, Mr. Mohamed Arkab, declared: “This is an important step in the framework of the realization of the national program for the energy transition. In addition to charging stations for electric cars, we will also introduce other renewable energies such as hydrogen”.


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