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ORA Punk Cat: after the beetle, the cat!

Like any major Chinese group, Great Wall has also not escaped the neo-retro fashion, which consists of offering modern cars with the aesthetics of models from the past. After the Songsan Dolphin (Chevrolet Corvette), GreatWall Futurist (BMW 2002), or even Songsan Summer (Volkswagen T1), here comes a neo-retro and 100% electric Volkswagen Beetle: the ORA Punk Cat. Teased a few years ago by the homonymous concept car, the one presented to you is the production and definitive version.

Thus, the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall notably hit the headlines at the start of the year by presenting a prototype of the Punk Cat from the Ora brand (which will enter Europe in 2022), an electric car whose design was clearly inspired by that of the Volkswagen Beetle. Now that Punk Cat has just hit the market and the first images of the production-ready Ora are known.

To prevent Volkswagen from taking legal action (which had opposed the concept) against the brand, some aesthetic changes were made to the concept. However, little has changed. For the production version of the Punk Cat, Ora replaced the prototype's round headlights with flattened oval units at the bottom and the oval light units also give way to flattened lights at the rear.

We also found a rear wing slightly off the car, possibly fitted to improve the car's aerodynamics. Despite the changes, the Punk Cat with its general line, its classic bumpers, its convex front bonnet, its large round front and rear windows and the air vents which are now between the windscreen and the front bonnet are still strongly reminiscent of the Ladybug.

Offered with four doors compared to two for the original Beetle, it takes up its lines, curves and general aesthetics, but in a surprisingly very elegant modernized version! The beauty has a 171 horsepower electric motor, and a choice of 47.8 kWh or 59.1 kWh batteries. Its autonomy is not yet known. A model reserved for China ... at least for now.


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